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2019 Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks - Yale Science Building, O.C. Marsh Lecture Hall
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Nov 15
Talks listed below:
Anna Yu Developing a predictive and dynamic model of moose-vehicle collisions in Maine
Paul Joudrey Drive Times to Opioid Treatment Programs in Urban and Rural Counties in 5 US States
Bo Tao Kagawa Toyohiko: The Making of a Global Christian Pacifist
Yichen Yang Investigating the response of street-level temperature to urban landscape using Mobile Measurement with a Geospatial Perspective
Caroline Borden & Carina Hahn Expanding Coastal Resilience Plans Using GIS
Chris Lim Mapping urban air quality using mobile sampling with low-cost sensors and machine learning in Seoul, South Korea
Kate Meyer Leveraging ArcGIS StoryMaps to Increase Local Engagement with Marine Protected Areas in the Honduran Bay Islands
James Sun Mapping Climate Vulnerability at Yale University
Mads O’Brien ArcFootprint, an ArcToolbox for gas flux footprints
Jane Widness Does permanent group fission affect access to resources in chimpanzees?
Jeamme Chia Geospatial Political Economy: Making Sense of Environmental Change in Southeast Asia
Meera Rothman The Yale Bubble
Lauren Kim Moran State Park Sound Map: Visualizing Sound Levels & Sonic Perceptions in Public Lands
Kelvin Fong Advancing Exposure Assessment in Public Health